How Much Does Your Tan Cost?

banner-3The cost of everything is sky rocketing even your tan! Have you checked the prices lately at your local tanning salon? My local salons are through the roof expensive so much so that I can not afford to go to the tanning salon to tan.

I found an alternative to the high cost of the tanning salon. Not only did I find an alternative that really works but it is also safer! Can you ask for anything more than that? No matter how much you are paying for your tanning package it very likely has increased dramatically over the last few years.

The cost of living has gone up world wide dramatically and “luxury” items and activities have almost doubled because so many people have given them up leaving the rest of the people that are still partaking to pay for the difference.


Sounds like a strange word but Melanotan is the way I am saving money on my tan I do not have to shell out big bucks anymore to use a facility that was over booked half the time and closed the other half.

Having another option that not only puts money back in my pocket but that is also safer really makes a huge difference in my life. I did not realize how much I was spending until I stopped spending it than I stepped back and took a look at not only the cost of the tanning salon but the cost of the products that I was using in the salon.

I also had to honestly factor in the time that it consumed as potential lost income because after all time is money. Waiting for appointments, getting to the tanning salon to find that they were over booked ahh the stress of it all was awful.

Melanotan made my life 100% easier. No more waiting. No more over bookings and no more huge sums of money for special lotions and other “side” sale items that were constantly being pushed off on me. And can be easily purchased at Melanotan US.

The Safety Factor

No matter what you believe about your tanning salon right now it is an unsafe environment. It is unsafe for your skin and it is unsafe for your health. Your vision is at risk in a tanning bed, your overall wellness is at risk and your pocket full of cash is absolutely at risk!

The Truth About The Tanning Salon

mens-health-dec-2010I used to go to the tanning salon just about daily. I used to get told a lot by friends and family how many dangers that I was not aware of were lurking at the tanning salon. I wish I would have listened. When I was tanning I never really gave a lot of thought to other people that had used the tanning bed before me.

The only thing I was really worried about was how tan I was going to get by using the salon. Of course I used eye protection because it was mandatory in the salon I used and they had little signs showing what could happen to your eyes should you not use the eye protection.

I also bought the best lotions and accelerators that were offered because I wanted to be sure I took extra precaution to protect my skin. I figured I was covered by doing what I was doing. I thought I was probably more cautious than most when it came to tanning.


There are hidden dangers in the tanning salon that you may not realize are present. Things like bacteria and fungus that you are not able to see with the naked eye are very much so a problem at the tanning salon.

The beds are supposed to be cleaned and disinfected after every user but I found out the hard way that not every bed is disinfected as it should be.

The Infection

I had what looked like a large pimple on the back of my arm. It was very painful and tender to the touch. It was ugly and embarrassing. I thought it was something that would go away after a few days. I was again very wrong.

Ultimately I had to go to the doctor and have it tested. The tests came back positive for community MERSA a very contagious bacteria that causes a very bad infection in your skin. Evidently I caught it by going to the tanning bed that had been improperly clean.

I could not prove where I contracted the disease from but I knew that it came from the tanning salon because it is the only place I had spent any real time outside my own home. Luckily with a strong dose of antibiotics I was able to beat the MERSA and get rid of the painful lump but I may not have been so lucky had I not taken the initiative and went to the doctor.

Where Should You Tan?

iStock_000012148264XSmallIf you are ready to get your color on for the summer than it is time to think about where you should tan. Picking a tanning salon is no easy task. There is plenty of them out there to choose from but oddly enough they do not really differ but still you want to pick one that is at the very least affordable.

You should know that every tanning salon says that they have “new bulbs” in their beds but it may not necessarily be the truth. You will be able to tell if the bulbs on a bed are new or not but the amount of color you get after laying in the bed.

Some Tips

Try to find a tanning salon that offers something free for your membership. Shop around and ask friends and family members what salon they use and why. Paying more does not necessarily mean you will get more so keep the cost in mind.

A lot of people make the mistake of either looking for the cheapest deal which usually means sub par equipment or the most expensive deal because they believe they will get better equipment. Typically the right answer is somewhere in between. You do not want to pay to little and you do not want to over pay for sure.

Finding the right salon each season was a challenge when I was still doing the tanning salon thing because so many salons are open one season and closed the next. Be careful that you choose a well established business or you may lose money in the process. I did at least twice. I paid for the membership and showed up and the business was closed down just like that from one day to the next.

Staff Matters

You want to be sure that you patronize a well staffed salon that has a well trained staff. Normally I found that most salons use high school or college students in their salon and while they took the training class it always made me feel a little bit uneasy that the experts that were running things were rather young and inexperienced.

I don’t use a tanning salon anymore because I got tired of dealing with the challenge of finding a decent salon and of course the health risks that are associated with using a tanning salon. I take tanning pills they are cheaper, easier and healthier to deal with.